Content Strategy


There is difference to content strategy and content marketing.
We are the overlapping – Content Marketing Strategy.
It refers to the direct communication of your company’s vision and goals to a targeted audience
through a uniform voice and style, cool ideation and external governance.
How you do it defines how is going to pay you. We help you find out and why you are doing it.


Know where you are going with your company.
Don't forget we are dreamers, we like dreams big enough that you are scared to go to sleep.


Knowing who you are creating for and who you want to create for is probably the key. For instance, if you know that at the background is Yeezy you're our target audience.


Inventory existing content (that will probably make our eyes bleed), organise and tag existing content and add success metrics. You know half of the way.


Old Spice’s Guy. An oldie but goldie example of a viral campaign that brings viewers itself.  Everybody knows it, everyone talks about it.
Let’s not see through the sales figure increase since the launch of the campaign…

Q: What is viral?
A: A very 2020 term that refers to a smart content campaign that has blown up the like button and organically drives sales to God.
Everybody craves it, very few have it.

The number one ingredient to go “viral” is have a nose; And we are not talking about the literal nose, but a nose that can smell what’s going to become hyped.
For this to happen you must be one step ahead of everyone.

The rest happens naturally.

Q: Can TCL guarantee viral?
A: Lol, if someone can guarantee you that it should probably be a God. 
Our creative capacity allows us to expand a company’s mindset and together try to reach towards that “viral campaign”. We wrote it on this website probably more than 100 times – but we do things differently. 

Brainstorming is our hobby. We will grab a hot latte and discuss virallity. Sense what’s going to be trending in the future and think unconventionally.

The rest happens naturally.